crafting time.

Growing up, I always had some kind of hobby. Some kind of craft. One Christmas, an aunt and uncle gave me a kit to make pot holders, so I made pot holders and gave every aunt a pot holder for the next Christmas. I watched my sister make jewelry, and I copied, stringing beads onto wire or fishing line. Some of my earliest memories are at preschool, painting flowers at the easel. And I started writing in 6th grade, encouraged by my English teacher. When I lived in Collins, I wove ump-teen scarves on looms with wool, rayon, and cotton yarn.

This last July, as you know, I helped work GLOW camp. Every afternoon, myself and another PCV, also named Sarah, facilitated the afternoon activity of Jewelry Making. Sarah has been making jewelry for a long while, and the whole experience inspired me to get back in the game. I have a lot of free time, so why not make jewelry to fill it? I asked my parents to send me beads and some supplies in a care package, and they went above and beyond! I brought back some more beads from America when I visited, and so I’ve been a craftin’ lady. Here are some pictures of what I’ve made:


102_6565 102_6576 102_6581102_6584102_6593 102_6595 102_6598 102_6601 102_6608

One thought on “crafting time.

  1. Dawn

    oooooh, beautiful Sarah. I especially love the multiple purple braided one, Looks very complicated. You were always very crafty. :) Love aunt dawn


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