a little week update.


I finished this necklace. It took 4 days or so from start to finish. It’s my favorite by far of all the necklaces I made. I love teal and purple, so yeah, it’s teal and purple fab.

I have a new headmaster. His English is awesome. He has some great ideas, including creating a library (with books and the 728 One Laptop per Child computers we just got) and me teaching English to teachers once a week or so.

Operation Smile is coming to Kigali later this month. I hopin’ and prayin’ and wishin’ that I can send one of my fave students to get a life changing surgery (they do surgeries on cleft lips). She’s a really sweet girl, and she deserves to feel as beautiful as she already is. If this is the one thing that may not have happened without me, my service of 27 months is worth it! Her parents, my headmaster, her, and I are going to have a meeting early next week to talk about the possibility.

I arrived at my village last Sunday from visiting a friend and having an Eastern GLOW meeting. I got off the moto, and was immediately whisked away to an old lady’s funeral. Apparently, she had passed the day before from heart problems. I don’t know if I know her because people just called her “old lady,” but I heard she sold tomatoes at the market. The funeral consisted of the whole village hanging out outside her house, talking, and me trying to understand what was happening. Thankfully, some of my co-workers were there, so they informed me. And then I taught them about funerals in America. She was buried in her yard, with concrete on top of the casket. They marked a cross in the concrete before it dried.



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